options-investPeople who put aside some extra money usually want to invest to make it grow and protect their wealth from inflation. Ten years ago the most popular investment opportunities were investing into buying treasury or S&P500 stocks through a broker. This has changed dramatically with the rise of new mobile technologies. According to the recent studies almost fifteen percent of all investors now practice forex and binary trading mobile.

Who can start trading on forex and binary options market?
The good news is that basically any adult investor with a minimum capital of $100 can join. Those who do not have this amount to invest could borrow and they can pay it back later when they earn their first profit from trading.

The cool thing about the forex and binary options trading is that a trader can easily add more funds into his trading account almost 24 hours a day simply by leveraging any type of electronic money transfer such as Credit card or Paypal money transfer.

How to analyze market conditions ?

There are two ways how a trader can accurately analyze the market conditions. The first type of analysis is called technical analysis. This type of analysis is using historic prices and technical analyst must pay attention to patterns on price charts in order to make future price predictions. The second approach is called fundamental analysis and it is based on trading by economic fundaments also called as economic indicators. As a fundamental analyst you need to observe the main political and economic events. The most important are

Many online traders use only technical indicators, while some trade currencies by the economic news and some learnt how to combine both analysis and get a great results! It is fully up to each trader to decide whatever works better for them.

One of the main benefits of making money through forex or binary options trading is the freedom. Traders can trade literally from anywhere in the world using mobile phones or tablets allows them to trade while sitting on a beach or directly from a bedroom in pyjamas.

Thanks to a high liquidity of approximately $3 trillion dollars daily turnover on currency market, a fortune can be made if trading is done correctly.

Is binary trading and currency trading risky? Yes it is very risky, but as with everything else in our lives that is worth it, risk comes also with high profit potential. Those who accept high level of risk in forex and binary trading, can end up with a big profit.